Greg And Fiona Scott

Mar 17

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To run a successful Social Media Marketing strategy there are some basic guidelines you need to adhere to. If you can get the groundwork right then the rest will follow, especially if you’re a small online business with limited time and resources. 1. Set out Your Goals You need to write out the goals that you want to achieve in your Social Media Marketing. What is your target market and demographic, what is the ultimate aim of your marketing campaign, how long is it going to run for and what products are you promoting. 2. Listen To Your Customers The beauty of social sites are you can find a lot of information from your customers or potential customers through these sites, before you even begin your social media marketing campaign. You can run competitions on your website, have special offers, ask your followers what they think of your products, what can be improved, what they like and so on. 3. Learn Who Your Audience Are. Who is your typical customer? Try and get a wide representation of your customers and work out an average customer from the list of data you have. What is their average age, are they male or female, and are they mostly from a particular country? Also get to know where they go to consume information on your company or your industry. Do they hang around in forums, is there a big presence on Facebook, or do they congregate in linked in. 4. Build Your Online Presence Based on the data you gather above, you can then start targeting your social media marketing campaign. For instance if all your customers are on Facebook then you know to spend most of your effort there, but also consider using video via YouTube. Most social media sites allow you to place video on them and because YouTube is so popular, it’s usually very easy to integrate into a popular site, such as Facebook. So your online presence should be widespread enough to capture your target audience but you need to have a central hub which is the next point. 5. Decide On Your Home This where you need to send people, when see your business on any social media site. One of your objectives with social media marketing is to build a list of followers, and that includes getting people onto your mailing list. You should send visitors to your blog or website, as for most small businesses that should be your focal point. The reason why is your blog or website is yours alone, where a social media site like Facebook or Youtube decides the rules. You’re not free to put what you want there, they can shut your account down, or they can even close their site down, but with your own website or blog, no one can take it away from you. 6. Drive Traffic From Your Channels To Your Home Once you’ve decided what social media sites to use, direct as much traffic back to your home base, which we’ll assume is your blog. You can do this by asking questions of your audience, participating and engaging with them, while subtly direct them towards your blog. For example when you answer a question give a quick answer and say a fuller explanation is on my blog. Or you can post links to your website when you create a new blog post. So do some groundwork as you’ll find your social media marketing is more effective when you have solid goals and know who your customers are. Once you determine your customers, then start building up a presence and use your social media sites to direct people back to your central hub or home base through interacting and engaging with your audience. 

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